3. October 2022
My paper ‘‘Polyadic sets and homomorphism counting’’ will appear in Advances in Mathematics

20. July 2022
New preprint available: Regular categories and soft sheaf representations, joint work with Marco Abbadini

1. March 2022
My paper ‘‘Model completions for universal classes of algebras’’, joint with George Metcalfe, will appear in the Journal of Symbolic Logic

1. February 2022
I moved from Oxford University to UCL, where I am now working on Samson Abramsky’s EPSRC project ‘‘Resources in Computation’’

20. January 2022
The extended version of our work ‘‘A Duality Theoretic View on Limits of Finite Structures’’, co-authored by Mai Gehrke and Tomáš Jakl, has appeared in Logical Methods in Computer Science

22. October 2021
New preprint available: Polyadic Sets and Homomorphism Counting

8. July 2021
My paper ‘‘Arboreal Categories and Resources’’, joint with Samson Abramsky, has appeared in the proceedings of ICALP 2021

23. June 2021
The extended version of our joint paper ‘‘Quantifiers on languages and codensity monads’’, with Mai Gehrke and Daniela Petrisan, has been published in Mathematical Structures in Computer Science

11. May 2021
My paper ‘‘Beth definability and the Stone-Weierstrass theorem’’ has appeared in the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

10. May 2021
Our joint paper with Anuj Dawar and Tomas Jakl, entitled ‘‘Lovász-Type Theorems and Game Comonads’’, will appear in the proceedings of LiCS 2021. A preprint is available on arXiv

17. February 2021
New preprint available: Arboreal categories: An axiomatic theory of resources, joint work with Samson Abramsky

3. February 2021
New preprint available: Model completions for universal classes of algebras, joint work with George Metcalfe

23. December 2020
New preprint available: A duality theoretic view on limits of finite structures: Extended version, joint with Mai Gehrke and Tomas Jakl

18. November 2020
Our paper ‘‘A characterisation of the category of compact Hausdorff spaces’’, joint with Vincenzo Marra, has been published in Theory and Applications of Categories

20. August 2020
Our joint paper with Marco Abbadini, entitled ‘‘On the axiomatisability of the dual of compact ordered spaces’’, will appear in Applied Categorical Structures

3. August 2020
New preprint available: Beth definability and the Stone-Weierstrass Theorem

30. July 2020
New preprint available: A Cook’s tour of duality in logic: from quantifiers, through Vietoris, to measures, joint with Mai Gehrke and Tomas Jakl

18. June 2020
I was awarded the Premio Speciale AILA Paolo Gentilini for PhD theses in mathematical logic and its applications to theoretical computer science

15. April 2020
Our joint paper ‘‘A Duality Theoretic View on Limits of Finite Structures’’ with Mai Gehrke and Tomáš Jakl was published in the proceedings of FoSSaCS 2020

1. February 2020
I moved from Bern, where I worked as a postdoc with George Metcalfe, to Oxford where I am starting my Marie Curie project D-FINED (Yes, it’s the day after Brexit!)